Skin Tag Removal, 144 PCS Wart Remover Skin Tag Remover Patches, Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patches for Fast Healing


About this item Skin Tag Removal Patches: Effectively absorb skin tag exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation, speed up the repair of acne, pimples, wart and skin tags Painless and Scarless: The Skin Tag Remover can remove skin tags effectively and prevent the spread or recurrence. Don’t worry about leaving scars, your skin tags will fall off painlessly! Natural Formula: Made of hydrocolloid material, safe and natural, have soothing and calming ingredients like herbal and won’t dry out or irritate skin, suitable for all types of skin Long-lasting Care: Skin Tag Removal Patches can protect acnes from pollution and infection, reduce skin irritation. Available day and night and not easy to fall off Easy to Use: Please wash your face and dry before use. Put the wart remover patch on the desired area and press gently. Keep for 8-12 hours for best results



Chinoxia 144 Pcs Hydrocolloid Skin Tag Removal Patches, Easy to Deal with Skin Tags Our acne and wart remover patches have strong adsorption, can absorb the pus and secretions in acne or pimple, prevent the spread or recurrence, accelerate healing and smooth your skin gradually, which allowing you to regain confidence! Features: ✔ Absorb pus and grease secretion in skin tag, repair skin efficiently ✔ Fast and effective, painless and scarless ✔ Isolate external environment to prevent infection ✔ Thin & transparent, waterproof & breathable ✔ Safe & natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types How To Use Skin Tag Removal: 1. Clean and dry the target area, especially the forehead and T area, don’t apply any creams, so as not to affect stickiness of skin tag patches 2. Stick skin tag remover patch on the target area and press gently. Keep for 8-12 hours 3. When the patch turns white and full of excretion, replace it with a new one 4. Repeat every day until skin tags dry, falls away and disappear TIPS: * For external use only. Do not use the patch with other medicated products. * For cystic acne, we recommend that you see a doctor or dermatologist. * If you have any discomfort, please stop using the patches. PACKAGE: 144 Pcs Skin Tag Removal Patches


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