Dog Chew Toy Dog Teething Toys Dinosaur Egg Interactive Near Indestructible Dog Toys Chew Toys Teething Cleaning Dental Rope Durable Rubber Indestructible for Medium Small Breed Teething


【Meeting The Instinct Needs Of Dogs】The interactive dog chew toys helps meet the instinct needs of dogs and releases their extra energy by chewing. This dog chew toys helps them develop healthy chewing habits,they can clean their teeth while playing to ensure that the dog’s teeth are healthy every minute and every second.Long lasting dog chew can improve the dog’s intelligence and reduce his daily anxiety.Puppy chew sticks can also prevent the dog from destroying the family’s home, clothes, etc.

【Safe and Durable Material】This tough dog toy is made of TPR+ anti-tear cotton rope, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, soft texture, will not harm the dog’s teeth. The unique and tough TPR material tooth cleaning design is better than ordinary nylon toys to help clean teeth and reduce dental plaque and tartar.Tough & strong enough.Can be used for a long time

【Nearly Indestructible】Fun filled interactive dog toys provide a great experience for both dog and owner allowing that special bond to grow. You can use it to tease the dog, or throw it and let your dogs retrieve it. Training the dogs’ responsiveness, improving their intelligence, enhancing the relationship between you and the dog.Suitable for medium and small dogs.

【Deep Cleaning Dog Teeth】This dog chew toy is designed according to the dog’s teeth.The newly designed molar bumps are zigzag and arranged horizontally and vertically, which can thoroughly clean the dog’s teeth and effectively remove all kinds of teeth when the dog is playing. Rice residue, dirt, dental calculus, fully protect the dog’s oral health.You can apply pet toothpaste on the bumps of the toy, which can arouse the dog’s interest in playing and can also better clean the dog’s teeth.

【Satisfactory Service】Pack up your dogs toys into this pet bag and go from dog garden toys to dog travel toys easily, conveniently and no fuss. Bag can be used for dog toy storage, taken on walks carrying your dog’s toys to the park along with other fun treats or give all these dog toys as great everyday dog presents or dog birthday present for a special dogs birthday.If you need our help, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.



❥Helps meet the dog’s instinctive needs and release extra energy. The toy helps to develop healthy chewing habits and solve problems such as chewing, teeth cleaning, relief of anxiety, boredom, training, and barking. In this way, your dog can maintain physical and mental health and a good mood.

❥Dog chew toys are all about having fun, we innovative chew toys satisfy that intense urge to gnaw, the toy can help reduce destructive behavior of dogs, protecting shoes, socks, sheets, sofas not being destroyed!

❥Play fetching games with your dog. In the interaction to enhance your relationship, let the dog love the game and you.Safety WarningSelect the correct size, remove packaging before use & keep for safety guidance; Supervise play time and discontinue use if damaged. If ingested seek vet advice. This pet toy is not intended for children.

Note: There is no hole in the bottom of the dinosaur egg, so dog food cannot be stored. Please pay attention when buying!


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