Consummate 70 Pack Rainbow Pride Flag Set Small Mini Gay Stick Flags LGBT Party Decorations


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Flags Include:Rainbow,Transgender,Bisexual,Pansexual,Lesbian,Asexual,Non-Binary,Seven different pride flags,10 Pack of each flags,A total of 70 packs Specifications:Flag size 5.5 inches wide, 8.2 inches long,stick size 11.8 inches Material: Made of durable polyester and white plastic sticks with round tip Use: Perfect decorations for LGBT party decorations,these stick flags are great for parades,parties,desk decorations,you can also put the flag in the backyard,garden,golf course,playground,flower pot and more Guarantee: If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible. We will provide timely service to our customers and provide you with an excellent overall shopping experience. 100% money back guarantee



Consummate 70 Pack Small Mini Rainbow Pride Stick Flags Set Features: Brand:Consummate Quantity:70 packs Flag size: 21 x 14 cm / 8.2” x 5.5”,Stick size:30 cm / 11.8”Stick diameter: 0.216″ (0.55cm),If you need to match the base, please noteMaterial:Hollow plastic stick,polyester fabric flag Packing type: zipper plastic bag Product weight: 0.58 lbs (0.27 kg) Note:Our flags and sticks are separate and you need to assemble yourself. ————-Add to Cart Flags on Amazon…Perfect decorations for Parades,LGBT party decorations…100% risk free!


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